".......Dr. Tran, through his judicious use of acupuncture and Chi Kung techniques, helped ease my pain from a torn rotator cuff in my shoulder. The pain was reduced and in a few more days was gone completely. I was able to enjoy quality of life free of shoulder pain....." - Guy Urbina

" I have been a client of Mr. Tran for nine months. He very courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. I would recommend his services to anyone seeking acupuncture treatment." 

-Kevin  Timmerman

"Following a couple of long motorcycle trips, I began experiencing a moderately severe debilitation in my left elbow which could be best described as a badly pinched nerve. The bony region of my elbow joint was painful to the touch and I experienced alternating sensations of numbness, pain, and tingling radiating down my forearm and into my wrist. This resulted in constant weakness in my wrist, making it useless for anything more than minor tasks. Even the trivial act of lifting my helmet off the table became difficult or impossible with that hand. 

I rarely trouble with doctor visits and I preferred to wait it out, confident the elbow would improve on its own. But after 4 months, it had only gotten progressively worse and I was seriously worried there might be permanent nerve damage. I had a pleasant consultation with Dr. Tran over tea in which he checked my vitals, asked many questions and listened patiently and attentively to my responses. He performed two acupuncture treatments on me, which included the use of moxa and the application of heat. Two days after the second treatment, the pain, numbness and tingling were gone. And 5 days after treatment I had full strength and use of my left arm. But more importantly, the problem has never returned, even after strenuous use of that arm. 

Dr. Tran is as passionate about TCM as he is competent and confident. He doesn't just take the time to answer your questions, he's enthusiastic about doing so because he enjoys passing on his considerable knowledge. He radiates warmth and geniality, and discussing one's health with him is like having lunch with a friend. This is a stark contrast to many other doctors where you literally feel like a 5 minute time slot in his/her busy schedule. Half of that time is spent consulting a chart just to recall what your name and chief complaint are.  A few hurried instructions and they disappear as quickly as they arrived, off to their next 5 minute time slot." 

It is my genuine pleasure to recommend Dr. Tran. 

-Ted Papadopoulos